Does COVID Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Covid Cause Erectile - Genericpharmausa.comDysfunction

The proven answer for the above question is yes, and COVID causes erectile dysfunction. Researchers say that the second wave of COVID creates major hormonal effects in the human body. COVID affects the overall normal functioning of body parts during the affected period. Even after a complete recovery, there are some long-lasting effects. The long-term effect of COVID includes shedding of men’s sexual and reproductive health. The survival of the COVID virus in men leads to Erectile Dysfunction (ED). There are three factors behind this unfortunate effect of COVID.

Vascular effects of Covid Causes Erectile Dysfunction

You may know that the vascular system and reproductive system are interconnected. Erectile function is an indicator of the heart, so when the heart faces risk with the oxygen supply, it also reflects in the penis. The effects of COVID also create the inflammation of heart muscles. Because of this, the supply of blood to the penis is being interrupted. This vascular effect of COVID is the first reason for Erectile Dysfunction. Studies say that the worsened effects on the vascular system affect the mobility of sperm in men.

Covid Causes Erectile Dysfunction - Genericpharmausa

Psychological effects due to Covid 19 on Erectile Dysfunction

It is found that the psychological effects of the COVID pandemic are found even for the non-affected person. There are many factors like loneliness, decreasing fund, etc. these factors cause stress in both men and women. The hormone related to sexual activities is closely connected with the psychological reaction of men. Anxiety and depression lead to Erectile dysfunction. Still, there are ways to get back to normal and balance your emotion in a positive. You may have proper hormonal functioning when you stabilize your mood swing and work on de-stress program. 

How does Depression cause Erectile Dysfunction

The overall health of the body 

The personal health and strength of men are very important for sexual activities. ED is a typical problem because of the loss of health in the follicles. Due to the long medications followed during the COVID, your natural follicles may get eradicated to get back active sperm you should be healthier. Men with low health conditions face a greater risk of curing and developing ED.

Low Testosterone after Covid causes Erectile Dysfunction

We all know that testosterone plays a major role in male fertility. Scientists established that Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 is the entry point for the SARS-Co into the host cell. In males, the enzymes are expressed in the Leydig cells. The main activity of Leydig cells is to stimulate the production of testosterone. The effects of ace2 are completely reflected in the production of testosterone. The effects of testosterone cause many damages in the reproduction of males.

Hypogonadism and erectile dysfunctions are the damages caused in male reproduction by infected testosterone.

How to treat Erectile Dysfunction after Covid

You need not have to worry about ED because of COVID. There are ways to cure and get back to normal. Here is a list of tips to cure are handle Erectile dysfunction (ED).

  • ED medications :

Search online for the best ED-Pills you can find in the For complete and fast recovery, you can search for COVID erectile dysfunction ViagraThese ED medications help in stimulating your follicles. Regular dosage is proper intervals as prescribed by doctors can cure ED.

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  • Regain Nutrition for Corona Erectile Dysfunction :

Consult the doctor and find the overall nutrition deficiency of your body. Supplement intake can help you regain your nutrition. You must prefer the proper dosage of supplement that is required for you. The doctor suggested supplements or generic supplements. You can buy supplements even from online pharmacy sites. Always Intake supplements after the complete knowledge of their effects.

  • Reduce stress that leads to Erectile Dysfunction

Studies say that stress is the major reason behind hormonal problems and fertility deficiency for men. A distress program helps a lot in decreasing your stress. Some other ways like exercise, music, yoga, and meditation can also decrease your stress. There is more possibility to solve your erectile dysfunction problem when you are completely out of stress.

A proper lifestyle can decrease the complication of infertility. A balanced diet with all nutrients can maintain your health. You have to consult a doctor to cure the effects of COVID completely.

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