Does Overconsumption of Alcohol Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can alcohol cause erectile dysfunction

Studies show that moderate drinking can help a person improve sexual performance in bed. Drinking alcohol rarely is not harmful, but if you cross the limit, it can affect your sexual performance. It can ruin a relationship. Various studies have found that alcohol dependency can result in sexual dysfunctions such as erectile problems and even premature ejaculation. 

Alcohol use and erectile dysfunction

So what is erectile dysfunction? Are you wondering can alcohol cause erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is a common problem because a person cannot hold on to an erection needed for sexual activity. It is not easy to get an erection and involves your brain, hormones, blood vessels, and even nerves.  

Alcohol can affect all the parts of your body. It can contribute to causing the problem of erectile dysfunction. A large amount of alcohol within a short time can also affect your ability to have sex. Too much alcohol can affect your nervous system and hormone levels as well. Over consumption of alcohol can damage your blood vessels as well as your nerves.

How can alcohol cause ED? 

Are you wondering can alcohol causes ed? As per studies, it was seen that alcohol could affect erection in men. It is a widespread problem and significant among men who have alcohol daily. As per reports, about 61 percent of those who are alcoholics are said to suffer from sexual dysfunction. If ED persists, you might have less interest in intimacy.  

Rare Alcohol Consumption 

If you are wondering, alcohol affects erection. You need to know that consumption of alcohol can cause the inability to get an erection. As per the research done in the year 2018, it was found that short-term consumption of alcohol can affect your nervous system and slow down the connection between your brain and penis. This can, in turn, result in decreased sensitivity of the penis. 

Alcohol can increase urination. Dehydration will again increase angiotensin, which will narrow the blood vessel. As a result, the flow of blood will be restricted. As per some studies, it was seen that alcohol could reduce the level of testosterone. This deficiency, in turn, reduces the production of nitric oxide. It is the critical molecule that relaxes the blood vessels in the penis. 

Chronic Effects of alcohol 

Having alcohol regularly can gradually damage the nerves. It can also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and damage blood vessels. 

Dysfunction of Nervous System

As per a review of 2020, around 16 to 73 percent of heavy alcohol users experience nervous system dysfunction. The typical symptom is erectile dysfunction. ANS is responsible for controlling most of the significant functions. 

Damage to Blood Vessels

It is believed that ED is related to cardiovascular disease. As per a review of 2018, light or moderate drinking can cause a lower risk of cardio conditions. At the same time, heavy consumption of alcohol can result in other problems. Heavy alcohol consumption leads to high blood pressure. This is a risk factor for sexual dysfunction. 

Can alcohol withdrawal cause erectile dysfunction?

A person who drinks a lot might have to go through some trouble once he stops drinking suddenly. High blood pressure can interfere with the ability to get an erection. Some other common symptoms include nausea, anxiety, tremors, high blood pressure, and even irritation. 

Once you stop drinking, you can see the symptoms right after 6 to 12 hours. Reducing alcohol intake can cause short-term symptoms, which can cause erectile dysfunction. If you can reduce the intake of alcohol, it can help you live a better life in the long term.

Treatment ED

If you do not drink much, it won’t be difficult for you to give up on drinking. It might take time to stop drinking, but you can always check and try to be within limits for your good. If you wonder if alcohol causes impotence, remember there are different ways to treat ED no matter for what reason it is generated. 

Generic medicines such as Vidalista, Cenforce, and Viagra can prevent the PDE5 inhibitors from controlling blood flow. There are different ways to treat ED. Some of these include surgeries, medicines, surgical implants, etc. Generic Pharma USA is an online pharma where you can purchase the best drugs anytime you want. 


As per some studies, it has been found that sexual dysfunction in alcoholics can be improved if one can reduce consumption. Indeed, alcohol can badly affect one and increase the problem of erectile dysfunction. 

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