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    Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Dapoxetine
    Manufacturer: Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
    Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
    Strength: 90mg
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    Duratia 90 mg

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    Fortune Healthcare India Limited, an Indian pharmaceutical company, based in Gujarat, produces the product under Duratia 90 MG.  Males who experience early ejaculation are treated with duration. Men who experience orgasm and the expulsion of semen within a shorter period of sexual contact and with minimal penile stimulation are said to be experiencing premature ejaculation

    About Duratia 90 Mg (Dapoxetine)

    Duloxetine serves as Duratia’s active pharmaceutical ingredient. Dapoxetine is a salt with therapeutic qualities—the 90 mg of Dapoxetine in a Duratia tablet. There are three different strengths of Duratia: 30 mg, 60 mg, and 90 mg. All drug, medical, and chemist stores conveniently offer the medication. It can also be bought online from different e-pharmacies.

    How Duratia 90 Mg (Dapoxetine) Works

    It has been discovered that the antidepressant drug dapoxetine is effective in treating premature ejaculation. The mechanism of action of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor duratia is to increase serotonin levels in the body. Premature ejaculation is caused by low serotonin levels, resulting in poor control over ejaculation. To help better control ejaculation and lengthen the time it takes, duratia raises serotonin levels and activity.

    How To Use of Duratia 90 Mg (Dapoxetine)

    Only after speaking with a licensed medical professional should you take Duratia. It is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions. The following guidelines should be remembered when taking the medication:

    1. It must be taken one to three hours before the anticipated sexual activity.
    2. Only take one tablet per day. No more than one tablet should be taken daily, even if you missed the dose.
    3. Only males between 18 and 64 are allowed to use the medication.
    4. Males under the age of 18 and females shouldn’t use it.

    What Are The Side Effects Of The Duratia 90 Mg (Dapoxetine)

    In most cases, the medication has no severe or noticeable side effects. It might, however, vary from person to person. The following are typical side effects that may be seen while taking the medication:

    1. Unsteadiness and sleepiness
    2. Confusion
    3. Sweating
    4. distorted vision
    5. buzzing feeling in years
    6. Flushing
    7. gastrointestinal condition
    8. Weakness and exhaustion
    9. Anxiety
    10. reduced libido

    Precautions And General Information

     use it, ideally up to the age of 64.No type of disorder in women is treated with it.


    1. Duration is typically not used by women during pregnancy because studies have shown that it harms the fetus.
    2. Lactation: It is not advised that lactating mothers take Duratia.
    3. Alcohol – Refrain from drinking alcohol as it can increase flushing and dizziness.
    4. Penis Deformity – It should not be used in
    5. patients with physical penis deformity.


    1. Dapoxetine (Duratia) should be kept at room temperature, typically between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius and less than 30 degrees.
    2. Direct sunlight and heat should be kept off of it.
    3. Keep it somewhere dry to keep it from coming into contact with moisture.
    4. If not instructed to, avoid freezing the medication.
    5. Keep it high enough that animals and children cannot access the medication.


    Avoid using Duratia (Dapoxetine) if you have mild to moderate kidney impairment, liver disorders, a history of low blood pressure, epilepsy, a history of bleeding disorders and clotting issues, erectile dysfunction, or if you’re dehydrated from vomiting, sweating, or other causes.

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