How to Handle Erectile Dysfunction in a New Relationship

Erectile Dysfunction in a New Relationship

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? According to research published on the National Library of Medicine website, this is a multidimensional yet very common problem involving men. But, handling Ed with new partner is tough. This is a problem that not only affects the person suffering from this but his partner too! So, if you are in a new relationship, this problem can hamper the sweet days of your courtship. There are some strategies that you may follow while dealing with erectile dysfunction in a new relationship. Please read. 

Communicating with Your Partner

Whenever there is a problem, there is a solution. If you feel that your boyfriend has performance anxiety, please talk to him. If you are the ‘him’ in the relationship, then clear her doubts. If doubts get piled up for years, they will be converted into lies. The woman may feel cheated after a few months or so. It is always the best idea to share your health problems with your partner. 

Choose the right time and place to talk

It is always advised that you discuss something in a less vulnerable situation. You must not talk about erectile dysfunction during sex. This is your personal time and both of you will seek solace in each other’s arms. Your partner loves you and you should respect that. Talking about his weakness will turn him into a rigid person. He will not open up nicely. You can confront him with a cup of coffee. Sit with him and ask your doubts clearly. He may take some time, but he will eventually open up. Handling erectile dysfunction with new partner seems very tough. 


When he opens up with you, that is the time you should reassure him. Tell him how much you love him. He has erectile dysfunction and that is not the end of the story! Many men live with this disease. This is not the end of your lovely relationship. He has a medical condition and it has nothing to do with your chemistry. He still loves you and you should reciprocate. Be patient and shower all the love you have for him. Tell him, there are multiple layouts out there. 

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Search for treatment options: 

Lots of amazing doctors and clinics are available across the world that offer erectile dysfunction treatment. You can search the internet to know more about treatment options, procedures involved, lifestyle changes, natural therapies, etc. This will make him realize that he is not alone, you are fighting right beside him. This will strengthen your relationship. 

Visit the doctor along with him

Man with erectile dysfunction is very common these days. You can take him to the doctor. If you search the internet with Improve my Erectile Dysfunction, you will get details of several doctors. You can accompany him to give him more strength. On the other hand, you also have to respect his privacy. If he wants to go alone, do not force him to take you with him. Be patient and understand the mental trauma he is going through. Act accordingly and this will give him some peace. 

Change in lifestyle

Some of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction is an uncontrolled lifestyle. If your partner has Erectile dysfunction, you must seek some lifestyle changes. Having healthy food for couples, exercising every day, not consuming a lot of alcohol, not smoking profusely, etc., are some of the answers of how to fix ED. With these changes, he will feel better. The medicine will cure ED only if clubbed with all these lifestyle changes. You can also search the internet for some Erectile Dysfunction exercises

Erectile Dysfunction Medication 

Lots of medicines like Kamagra 100, Toptada 20 mg, etc are there. Your doctor will also recommend some of these medicines which have an effective track record in handling ED. You can search the internet for a generic medicine online store nearby to get a good discount as well. Be sure, there are treatments and this problem can be solved. Along with the medicines you must find suitable food for Erectile Dysfunction.

Supporting Your Partner

Love and sex are intertwined. But, there are many ways to show love to each other without having an erection! You can show him how you care. Search the internet with my boyfriend who has performance anxiety, and look for solutions there. Going for romantic dinners, having intimate movie sessions, etc. You can also concentrate on exploring foreplay. There are many ways of foreplay, you just need to explore those. 


Medical science has evolved a lot in all these years, but nothing can work if the patient is hopeful. As a partner, it is your responsibility to show him how much you care. This will give him hope and soon you two will be out of this problem. 

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