Generic Drugs Vs Branded Drugs – Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Generic Drugs Vs Branded Drugs

What are generic drugs?

A generic drug is a certain kind of medication that is the same as a branded drug in respect to dosage, safety, strength, quality, and performance. If you are worried about using brand name vs generic drugs, then do not worry because both generic and branded medicine work similarly. Both have the same clinical benefits. So, in simple words, we can say that you can take generic medicine as a substitute for any branded counterpart if you are thinking about generic vs brand name drugs. 

Are generic drugs always safe to take?

The generic drugs in the US do not look exactly like other drugs already present on the market. Talking about generic vs branded drugs, both generic and branded medicines have the same ingredients. However, their characteristics differ. They might have different colors, flavor but that doesn’t affect the performance, quality, or effectiveness of the generic medicine. These medicines are completely safe for consumption.

Generic medicines must meet all the standards for approval by the FDA, just like branded medications. Generic medicines are bioequivalent to the branded version. FDA regulates all the drug manufacturing facilities around the globe. It is the responsibility of the FDA to check the safety of generic drugs and provide approval. 

If the FDA discovers any problem with quality or safety, then a recall needs to be done for the affected medication to keep the public safe. If a report says that the drug can have harmful side effects or other reactions FDA always looks into the matter as and when needed. 

Risks of online pharmacies selling misbranded medications

People are pretty concerned about purchasing medicines from online pharmacies. This is because many online pharmacies sell unapproved brands and generic medications directly to consumers without sending a doctor’s prescription. FDA has strict norms to follow the rules and not sell misbranded or unapproved drugs in the market. 

If you want to purchase online, you can buy from Generic Pharma USA. Also, make sure that you consult a doctor before taking any medications to avoid any adverse reactions. 

Generic vs brand name drugs list includes various medicines like:

  • Antidepressants
  • Pills
  • Medicines for cardiac problems
  • Medication for heartburn, etc

What is the difference between a generic and name-brand version of a drug?

Generic medicines run through testing for strength, purity, and quality to show their effectiveness before being approved by the FDA. These products must have the same set of ingredients and have the same set of benefits. 

There are only a few differences between both. While generic and branded medicines are not the same, generics have slightly different ingredients than branded ones. This doesn’t affect the working of the treatment. 

Some people are concerned about switching from branded to generic medicine. A few doctors are apprehensive about some types of medications. So to be clear, some preferences need to be followed. 

Some of the concerns might be:

  • Worsening of condition or symptoms
  • Side Effects
  • Adverse Reactions
  • Safety
  • Quality

There are no specific laws to help restrict the substitution of FDA-approved generic or branded medicines. It depends on you and your doctor to decide which one is the best suited for you. 

You can consult your doctor and decide if you should go for brand vs generic. The best suited for you based on budget, quality, and other factors can be chosen for future use. 

Are there times when a generic drug is a better choice?

Generic drugs are much better than all other choices because of the cost factor. Generic medicines are less expensive than branded ones. According to some research, it has been found that using low-cost generic products helps one’s health. The main reason for this is that people who take generics will most probably take the prescribed medicines. 

Affordability of medicines can be a significant concern for many Americans. A survey conducted in 2021 found that about 80 percent of the people believed that drug prices were relatively high and not at all reasonable. The situation can be worse if you do not have insurance. Because of the cost factor, it is believed that generic medication is a better option than branded ones.

Generic medications are very safe like any other brand. These medicines are tested to see if the FDA approves them. The effects of branded and generic drugs are entirely the same. Whether it is about side effects or other adverse reactions, both medicines would show the same signs. 

There are rare to no cases of any active ingredient of a generic medicine reaction causing any trouble. These inactive ingredients include colors, flavors, binders, preservatives, etc. Such ingredients do not affect the working of the medicine. At times you might see a reaction of this medicine to an ingredient. 

If you are worried that generic drugs are cheaper and the quality must not be good, then you are wrong. Truth is what it is. The FDA works to make generic drugs safe and effective. It is how a specific range of products is available, effective, and affordable. 

Generic drugs are cheap because the cost of production does not include the development and the marketing cost. Hence the price is cut down by many folds. If a new drug is created, it would consist of marketing, research, development, patency, and promotion costs. Such costs are not involved with generic drugs; hence, these are available at much lower and more affordable pricing. 

We can say that generic drugs are allowed because it helps reduce the cost and makes the drugs readily available to many people at a very affordable price. 

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