7+ Best Natural Ways To Get Longer Erections

How To Get Longer Erections

As per research, about 18 million people in America find it difficult to get an erection. While older men suffering from heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension have a greater risk of erection, anyone can experience it. If you are wondering how to get a harder erection read on to know more.

What Is An Erection?

Erection is when the penis is filled with blood and is ready for sexual activity. A penis is in a flaccid state when not sexually stimulated. The muscles are tight, and the flow of blood is limited. 

During sexual stimulation, the brain sends a signal to the nervous system, which then activates the muscles around the arteries in the penis. It helps to relax, and widen and lets the blood fill the corpus cavernosal. 

As blood fills, it creates pressure, thus, engorging and stiffening the penis. While some might have physical conditions preventing an erection, others might develop ED, which contains physical or psychological problems. 

Why Make An Erection Last Longer?

There is no one way of experiencing good sex. Moreover, everyone is not concerned about lasting sex longer. If you are happy with your sex life and your partner is also satisfied, there is no point in thinking about it. 

But if you struggle to get an erection, feel not so satisfied, or if you ejaculate early, then you must be having a bad experience. In such cases, you will learn how to get a harder erection that will last for a long time. 

How To Get A Harder Erection

There are different ways that can help you with how to stay harder and longer. Some of the common methods are:

1. Exercise Daily

Start with activities that will help you. A simple walk or a bit of jogging is good enough. Kegel exercise is very effective against ED. Aerobics and other forms of cardio are equally effective

2. Change your diet

Healthy eating habits can improve your health and get erections. Nutrient-rich foods such as apples, cherries, and soybeans improve health. Such a diet can help prevent ED.

3. Quit Addictions

Addiction to smoking or alcohol is bad. It can affect your health and prevent you from getting an erection. 
4. Take care of your weight

As per studies, overweight men might experience improved ED. 

5. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can worsen ED. Mental illness or strain can affect your performance. 

6. Prioritize Sleep

Insomnia or other sleep problems are common in men suffering from ED. Enough sleep is needed to keep you healthy. 

7. Work with your partner

If you are in a relationship, talk to your partner about the problems. Be stress-free and get rid of anxiety. 

Prescription Options for Longer Erections

If you are facing trouble with an erection, there are various ways to deal with it. Natural methods, as well as medications, are equally effective. Some common erectile dysfunction medications used to treat erectile dysfunction are Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Avanafil. 

If you are wondering how to stay hard in bed oral meds can help. Such oral medications can help by blocking the PDE5 enzyme and increasing the blood flow. With improved blood circulation, it is easier to get an erection. Each medicine should be taken as per the dosage prescribed by the doctor. While drugs like Cenforce 100 should be taken half an hour before sex, others like Vardenafil should be taken in lower doses. All such medicines are available online at Generic Pharma USA


If you are wondering how to make your penis harder there are a lot of things that can be done. A change in diet and lifestyle can help a person get harder erections. Talking to a doctor or consulting a counselor can help. Usually, doctors suggest medicines to help treat ED and experience good sex. In significant cases, ED indicates underlying problems that only a doctor can diagnose and treat

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