How To Increase Immunity Power To Fight Against Corona Virus

Increase Immunity Power

We all have seen some unimaginable stuff happened to human lives during that time period widely known as Corona Virus aka Covid-19. The world has witnessed and bore the painful circumstances.

This word is itself enough to scare human because it has challenged the all medical advancements. But thanks to our ancient techniques and progressive medical researchers that they have guided us through this tough time.

It is very necessary to take care of yourself to avoid symptom of covid-19. It can enter into your body via breach and touch of virus germs. Hence, it becomes significant to maintain a certain level of immunity to prevent and fight corona virus.

There are some of the foods and ancients techniques to increase immunity to fight against corona virus. As we all have an idea how, corona attacks to our breath pattern and oxygen level. Hence, to be able to gain strength to fight with virus physically and mentally, Indian ancient ‘Pranayam’ will be one of the best ways to start with.

Along with different paranayamans and Surya namaskaras, some of the foods habits also help to increase our immunity. Well, what are those diets? Let’s discuss this now.

(a) Start your day with a Little bit stretching of your body.

(b) Practice ‘Pranayamas’ cum simple ‘Yogas’ such as ‘Kapalbhaati‘ and ‘Surya-namaskara. This will help you to increase the lung pumping. And that would help to fight back with corona germs.

(c) Then, have enough watery fruits such as watermelon, grapes, oranges to maintain along with turmeric, cumin, coriander and garlic based water boosters.

(d) Include seasonal fresh veggies into your food preparations.

(e) Avoid large gatherings and use best quality body sanitizers to prevent the virus.

(f) At least take 6-7 hours of complete rest to make your body digest all those intakes.

(g) While going to bed or in the early morning as well, don’t forget to have 10-15 minutes to meditate seasons in calm your mind.

There are many more ways to increase calories and peace of mind to increase immunity against corona virus. But one should at least start with our about list outs.

If you wish to discuss your query OR to know more ways to increase immunity, then feel free to contact us. We have a team of expert helping globally. We all are here to help each other and make this world a better place to leave.

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