How To Stop Male Hair Loss Naturally

How To Stop Male Hair Loss Naturally - Genericpharmausa

Hair loss problems are found more in males between the ages of sixteen to thirty. There are multiple reasons for your hair loss. To control, listen to the suggestion of the doctor. Based on the reasons for hair fall, you can follow the treatment. If you fail to concentrate on it initially, it may result in bald at the age of 50. Do Research on how to stop hair fall and find the best solution for the hair loss problem. Here you can find the list of methods to stop your hair fall.

Prescribed supplement and OTC drugs

For the condition of androgenic alopecia, FAD has been approved for two nonprescribed medicine.

  1. Minoxidil (Rogaine)

The formulation of two percent and five percent of minoxidil are approved by food and drug administration to treat bald. It is available in the form of solvent-free foam with a concentration of hydro alcoholic solution. 2% of minoxidil is preferred for the treatment of crown head baldness in men and women. In contrast, the 5% formula of minoxidil is applicable only for men. If women are using the 5% concentration, it may result in the growth of facial hairs. It results by increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles. 

Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) tablet has various usages. It increases the growth of hair by stimulating follicles. This particular drug can be brought only with the prescription of the doctor.

Both generic medicines can be used regularly. Studies say that for permanent and better results, you have used those hair loss medicines for a long period. The above medicine is the best hair loss medicine for men. Never forget to consult a doctor before the intake or practice of any medicine.

Hair transplants :

The method of hair transplant has been highly practiced in the past decades. It is considered to be the permanent and best hair loss treatment for men. The practicing two methods of hair transplant are FUT and FUE.

In follicular unit transplantation, the follicles are made into tiny stripes from the scalp of hair. Then the ejected part is being stitched, and bald parts are fixed with the ejected follicles.

In follicular unit extraction, the follicles are directly extracted from the back and side of the scalp. After that, holes are made in the bald parts of the scalp, and the extracted follicles are inserted.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is considered to be an effortless way to stop hair fall. The regrowth process is faster compared to other treatments, and this is based on laser therapy.

Modifying your lifestyle

Despite various treatments, the best and natural hair loss cure is achieved by changing your lifestyle. Try implementing some modifications in your lifestyle.

  1. Avoid smoking 

Frequent smoking results in wrinkles and hair fall. For nourishing and healthy hair, avoid smoking.

  1. Regular massage

Massages not only give you a comfortable feels it also help in maintaining proper blood flow. Regular head massage helps in maintaining the proper movement of follicles. That increases the speed of growth and decreases hair fall.

  1. Balanced diet

Your food intake is an important reason behind hair fall. The diet you follow must include every mandatory vitamin. 

Some of the mandatory vitamins for proper hair growth are:

Vitamin A, Vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and protein.

Deficiency in vitamins results in heavy hair loss. You can take vitamin supplements to stop heavy hair loss. Consult the best hair trigology to find the deficiency of supplements. Try to prefer prescribed vitamins or generic supplements from online pharmacy sites.

  1. Reduce stress

Studies say that stress is the major reason behind most hair fall for men. A distress program helps a lot in decreasing your stress. Some other ways like exercise, music, yoga, and meditation can also decrease your stress.

Find the reason for your hair fall and research to stop. Your habits have to be changed for the better result of every treatment. Consult the doctor for your body condition before involving in treatment is a Trusted Generic & Branded Medicines Online Pharmacy Store internationally. We are a leading pharmaceutical exporter & supplier of international brand name & generic FDA approved medicines, used for Men's & Women's Health, Erectile Dysfunction, Antacid etc. @affordable price & ease of home delivery. Our products are manufactured by WHO-GMP companies which include Pfizer, Lilly, Cipla, Bayer, Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd, Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Ajanta Pharma Ltd, Aurochem Laboratories, Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd, German Remedies Pvt Ltd.

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