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    Generic NameAmino Acids
    ManufacturerFresenius Pharmaceutical, India
    Pharmaceutical FormTablets

    Ketosteril Tablets 100

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    Nutritional support supplement Ketosteril Tablet is used to treat chronic renal disease. It reduces blood urea levels and aids in stopping the renal disease from becoming worse. By doing this, the danger of long-term dialysis is postponed.

    The Ketosteril Tablet should be swallowed whole, with or without meals. Follow the doctor’s instructions for dosage and duration exactly. Combine it with a low-protein diet to obtain the most benefit from the medication. During therapy, make sure you continue to consume enough calories. Your doctor could suggest routinely checking the serum calcium levels while using this medication.

    This medication often has no common adverse effects and is well tolerated. To assess the impact of medications on your health, make sure to schedule regular medical visits. It’s crucial to let your doctor know if you’re taking any other medications before using Ketosteril Tablet or if you have any other medical issues.

    Ketosteril Tablet Advantages

    Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment decreases normal kidney function over an extended period. It is referred to as chronic kidney disease (CKD). Over a few years, CKD develops gradually, but it might become irreversible if addressed. When taken with a low protein diet, the mix of necessary amino acids in Ketosteril Tablet slows the course of CKD and enhances the quality of life. Additionally, it enhances renal function and aids in the kidneys removing harmful substances like urea. To obtain the most benefit from the medication, you must carefully adhere to your doctor’s instructions and take it as prescribed.

    Ketosteril Tablet Side Effects

    Most adverse effects go away when your body becomes used to the medication and don’t need to be treated by a doctor. If they continue or you are concerned about them, speak to your doctor.

    Ketosteril’s common side effect is a higher blood calcium level.

    How to take Ketosteril tablet?

    Adults are often advised to take the pills with meals since this aids in the appropriate absorption or use of the amino acids. It is forbidden to chew the pills. If you have renal failure, you should take a ketosteroid tablet and limit your protein intake. The severity of the renal condition determines the length of the therapy. Follow your doctor’s recommendations, and if you experience discomfort, response, or unease, call your doctor immediately.

    Use of Ketosteril Tablets:

    As directed by your doctor, take this medication for the prescribed time. Completely inhale it. Never eat, shatter, or crush it. You can take a ketosteril tablet with or without meals, although it’s best to take it at a set time.

    What happens if you fail to take the Ketosteril Tablet?

    Take the missed Ketosteril Tablet dosage as soon as you remember. To return to your usual schedule, omit the missing dosage if it is almost time for your next dose. Never twice the dosage.

    Efficacy of Ketosteril Tablet:

    A group of medicines known as nutritional supplements includes Ketosteril Tablet. It operates by enhancing the body’s metabolism of protein, which enhances kidney function. It follows the same catabolic routes as amino acids.

    Quick Advice:

    • You were given a prescription for ketosteril tablets to treat chronic renal disease.
    • It helps to postpone the onset of dialysis and the advancement of renal disorders when combined with a low-protein diet.
    • Make sure to consume enough calories while undergoing treatment.
    • Keep an eye on your serum calcium levels as your doctor has advised. If the levels are high, reduce your vitamin D and other calcium consumption

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