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    What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

    Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem that affects over 20 million men. Erectile Dysfunction is when a man is unable to get or keep an erection while having sex. 

    Having erectile problems once in a while is normal, but if this happens regularly while having sex, it needs to be treated. A health expert can help you with the best medicine for erectile dysfunction.

    How does it happen?

    Erection is caused due to increased blood flow into the penis during sexual arousal. The blood fills up the erection chambers in the penis, made of muscle tissue called corpus cavernosum. 

    These tissues are not hollow, but they trap blood during an erection. As a result of this blood pressure, an erection occurs. For a person suffering from ED, it might be because the blood flow is limited. 

    Symptoms of ED

    There are quite a few symptoms to identify ED. However, those unaware of the symptoms don’t get to know about the problem. One must see a doctor and get proper treatment to avoid further problems. 

    Here are some common symptoms: 

    1. Firstly, trouble with erection.
    2. Less interest in sexual intercourse
    3. Not being able to keep the erection during sex

    If you have been suffering from these issues for a long time now, then you must go talk to a doctor, for that matter. It is better to get it treated initially than wait for it to worsen. 

    Common Causes of ED

    ED can be caused by several factors, including aging, emotional problems, and even physical causes. Let us take a quick look at the different causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

    1. Diabetes
    2. Being above 50 years of age
    3. Lack of Exercise
    4. Obesity
    5. High Cholesterol Level
    6. Heart Disease
    7. Smoking
    8. Drug or Alcohol Addiction

    Erectile Dysfunction becomes common as one grows old, but that is not always the case. Some men stay sexually fit even after the 70s. It might be an early sign of a serious health problem that may happen. One must treat the issue before it gets too serious. 

    What are the physical causes of ED?

    • The blood flowing into the penis might not be enough for a firm erection. The reduced blood flow can be caused by heart disease, diabetes, or even excessive smoking.
    • Nerve problems might be a cause as well. Any sort of injury or surgery in the pelvic area can harm the nerves of the penis. 
    • Diabetes can damage nerve vessels. 
    • Prostate, colon, or bladder cancer can result in ED. 
    • Certain drugs can also have side effects and cause problems with erection. 

    What are the emotional causes of ED?

    Several emotional factors can cause Erectile Dysfunction or worsen a relationship. Some of the common problems that can cause ED are:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Work Stress
    • Worrying about Sex Performance
    • Relationship Problems
    • Social and even Cultural Problems

    Diagnosis of ED

    For some, answering a set of questions is needed to diagnose erectile dysfunction. If your doctor suspects any underlying health problem, further tests and consultation would be necessary. 

    Health History

    Your doctor will ask you questions about your lifestyle and health history. He will ask you about any sort of medicinal/non-medicinal drugs you take, whether you smoke or drink, or if you have had any surgery or urinary problems. You must open up in front of your doctor to make it easy for him to diagnose and offer you a solution. 

    Questions on symptoms of ED

    Some of these questions might sound embarrassing, but a doctor is a professional, and you must clearly state all the problems so that he can treat you wisely. So, the doctor might ask questions like 

    How long have you had these symptoms, if you wake up in the morning or night with an erection, if penetration is difficult, if there is a problem in ejaculation or during sex drive, or if there are any painful erections? 

    Physical Exam

    A physical exam helps to check your health. The examination usually focuses on your genitals to check for ED. 

    Blood Tests

    A blood sample might be taken to check for diabetes, heart disease, testosterone level, and other health conditions. 

    Urine Tests

    Urine tests help to check for diabetes and other health conditions.


    The Ultrasound test is done to see if there is any problem with blood flow. The test is sometimes done by injecting erectile dysfunction medication into the penis to stimulate blood flow and produce an erection. 

    Psychological Test

    In certain cases, emotional causes can lead to ED. So, a doctor would ask questions to see if one is suffering from depression or if there are other psychological causes for erectile dysfunction. 

    Treatments for ED

    Your doctor would make sure you are getting the right treatment for the underlying health condition that could worsen the problem of erectile dysfunction. There might be different treatment options available, and your doctor would discuss the risks and benefits associated with the treatments. 

    You may have to change your lifestyle and food habits or give up any addiction. The healthcare expert might also suggest you treat the emotional problems if any. It could be depression, anxiety, or stress. 

    Preferred Medications for ED

    There are certain generic ed medications used to treat Erectile Dysfunction problems. These include the following:  Viagra, Adcirca, Cialis, Staxyn, Levitra, and Stendra. 

    These medications will help improve the effect of nitric oxide in the body. It is a natural chemical that helps relax the muscles in the penis. This, in turn, increases the blood flow and causes an erection during sex drive. 

    The doctor can suggest the best erection pills that will help normalize penile function. The doctor would recommend the dosage, working, and side effects of these oral medications. 

    The dosage of Erectile dysfunction medicine and the side effects could vary from person to person. Some common side effects are nasal congestion, headache, stomach upset, backache, etc.

    It is very important to talk to the doctor before taking any medication. Some male erection pills are not that effective, and in certain conditions, it is less effective in those suffering from diabetes. It can also be harmful to health and cause heart disease or low blood pressure. 


    Erectile Dysfunction can affect your life in many ways. Instead of stressing out, the best thing to do is go see a doctor. It is just like any other disease. An expert would suggest medicines to treat ED.

    You can see a specialist based on your health conditions. Several experienced professionals have expertise in treating male genital problems. All you need to do is consult an experienced doctor.