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    • Active Ingredient(Generic Name):Sildenafil Citrate
    • Indication:Erectile Dysfunction
    • Manufacturer:Mankind Pharma
    • Packaging:4 tablets in strip & 9 tablets in strip
    • Strength:50mg
    • Delivery Time:10 To 15 days

    Manforce 50mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

    50mg27 Pills$1.26 Per Pill$34.00
    50mg48 pills$1.13 Per Pill$51.00
    50mg90 pills$1.1 Per Pill$99.00

    What is Manforce 50?

    Manforce 50 pills fall in the kind of medications eminent as phosphodiesterase type-5-inhibitors.

    Also, this group of remedies is useful for curing ED or erectile dysfunction in males.

    Besides, ED forms the incapacity to sustain a rigid and fruitful erection to take part in sensual intimacy.

    Moreover, another use of the Manforce 50 pills is to heal pulmonary arterial hypertension inside a user’s lungs.

    Plus, this remedy is not for females, kids, and newborns.

    Additionally, Manforce 50 pills function by repressing the PDE-5 enzyme and augmenting nitric oxide activity in your phallus.

    Who is Manufactures Manforce 50mg

    The preeminent drug producer Mankind Pharma Ltd. produces the pills of Manforce 50.

    What Are The Uses Of The Manforce 50?

    Buy Manforce 50 is an excellent drug for eradicating the malfunction of ED.

    Plus, this medication bars the action of the PDE5 enzyme in the phallus.

    Therefore, the PDE5 enzyme gets no chance to decimate cyclic GMP.

    So, the proportion of cyclic GMP swells in the member and your phallus gets up.

    Additionally, the Manforce 50 pills loosen up the arteries in the private parts and their surrounding area.

    Furthermore, the muscles of the blood vessels unwind.

    Also, the blood vessels expand in size and an enormous blood supply gushes through them.

    Besides, the Manforce 50 tablets open up the blocked arteries and blood reaches them.

    Moreover, this blood flow gets to the penile tissues which entrap the incoming massive blood supply.

    Thus, with this, your flaccid phallus gets erect and is hard for penetration.

    Plus, this amazing tablet soothes the muscles of the blood vessels in the lungs and heals pulmonary arterial hypertension.

    Additionally, this pill enhances the exercising capacity in individuals who are ill with PAH.

    Dosage Of Manforce 50mg

    Manforce 50 pills are edible when your stomach is full or empty.

    However, light food is suitable for its fast action.

    Also, you require eating Manforce exactly as your doc suggests.

    Besides, a user may gulp it down sixty minutes before penetrative sex.

    Moreover, every user of the tablet is different and responds to it differently.

    However, this drug consumes nearly 30 to 60 minutes on average.

    Plus, the Manforce pill does not provide an erection without sensual arousal.

    But, a guy must never ingest this moiety if he is not a victim of erectile dysfunction.

    Additionally, a sufferer should consume merely one pill in 24 hours.


    Overuse of Manforce 50 pills can take place by chance if a user is not cautious.

    Plus, overdose on Manforce can trigger numerous reactions and can worsen your physical health.

    Additionally, it begins side effects like dizziness, headache, priapism, vomiting, indigestion, etc.

    Missed Dose

    It can occur anytime that you miss ingesting the pill by chance.

    Also, when you forget to consume this moiety eat it when you remember.

    However, if the time for the next dose is approaching, quit the skipped moiety and ingest the daily scheduled pill.

    Besides, you remember not to use two pills simultaneously to make up for missed dose.

    Available Other Strengths OF Manforce 50 mg

    The Manforce pills are present on the shelves in different strengths like:

    Manforce 25

    Manforce 50

    Manforce 100

    Manforce 150

    Manforce 200


    A user of the Manforce 50 pills should not eat this drug in case he has an allergy to Sildenafil.

    Plus, you leave the medicine if any inactive constituent in the drug starts an allergic reaction.

    Additionally, you confer with your medical practitioner before eating Manforce 50mg if your current prescription is popular drug nitrates.

    Furthermore, this medication is a prescription for you to manage chest pain or angina.

    Also, a patient of ED must avoid this pill if he has undergone heart failure, stroke, or heart attack.

    Besides, leave alone the remedy if such conditions cropped up in bygone six months.

    Moreover, perhaps a victim is suffering from vision loss, some eye ailments, give up the tablet.

    Plus, maybe you have retinitis pigmentosa or your optic nerve is not getting blood supply and vision loss starts.

    Then Manforce 50 Online needs avoidance.

    Also, you notify your GP in case your phallus is not normal but has structural deformity like Peyronie’s disease.

    Besides, a user better informs his doc if he had an erection issue that continued for above four hours.

    Side effects

    Manforce 50 pills begin side effects like

    • leucopenia,
    • anaemia,
    • priapism,
    • seizure,
    • hearing loss,
    • non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy.
    • vision loss,
    • retinal haemorrhage,
    • subarachnoid haemorrhage,
    • pulmonary haemorrhage,
    • cerebrovascular haemorrhage,
    • acute hypotension,
    • ventricular arrhythmias,
    • stroke,
    • sudden death,
    • hypersensitivity reaction,
    • rash,
    • visual disturbances,
    • paresthesia,
    • gastritis,
    • sinusitis,
    • urinary tract infection,
    • rhinitis,
    • fever,
    • erythema,
    • dyspnea can start.
    • myalgia,
    • insomnia,
    • diarrhoea,
    • epistaxis,
    • flushing,
    • dyspepsia,
    • headache take place.


    The Manforce 50 pills are indicated for the issues of pulmonary arterial hypertension and erectile dysfunction.

    Plus, this drug can manage the signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

    Storage conditions

    The storage of the pills is easy.

    Also, you just require placing them at a temperature, not above 30 degrees Celsius.

    Besides, store them somewhere away from heat and dampness.

    What happens if you take too much Manforce 50 mg?

    Overuse of Manforce 50 pills can take place by chance if a user is not cautious.

    Plus, overdose on Manforce can trigger numerous reactions and can worsen your physical health.

    Additionally, it begins side effects like dizziness, headache, priapism, vomiting, indigestion, etc.

    How Does Manforce 50 Work?

    Manforce 50 pills form a phosphodiesterase type-5-inhibitor drug.

    Also, this medication functions by soothing the blood vessels inside the member.

    Thus, it amplifies blood supply towards your private parts on a sensual goad.

    Besides, this aids to obtain and sustain a rigid, erect phallus for penetrative closeness.

    Moreover, Manforce represses the PDE5 enzyme and stops its activity from annihilating cyclic GMP.

    Plus, this, in turn, boosts blood volume in the member and an erection follows.

    How to Take Manforce 50?

    An ED sufferer must use freshwater and swallow the pill wholly.

    Plus, you avoid grating, crushing, splitting, or breaking this tablet.

    Additionally, a user can consume this moiety without food or along with meals.

    However, eating a large fatty meal can negatively impact its action and the pill uses more time to begin an action.

    Hence, ingest a light meal with this drug.

    What Are The Common Drug Interactions

    The interaction starts with warfarin, terazosin, tamsulosin, isoniazid, nitroglycerin, atazanavir, ketoconazole, imatinib, dexamethasone, clarithromycin, carbamazepine, amlodipine etc.

    Why Buy Manforce 50 mg From Us?

    Buy Manforce 50 Online from Genericpharmausa is a great decision that can bring you better gains.

    Also, this online dispensary retails its products at reasonable prices along with discounts and deals.

    Besides, this site is a reliable one for buying medicaments with quick service.

    Moreover, your order is always secret.

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