Only Man face ‘Bad Sex’ life due to some bad SEX habits?

Only Man face ‘Bad Sex’ life due to some bad SEX habits?

Several articles and open publications have always focused on one side story only. And that is, it’s the man who is responsible for Womans’ bad sex experiences.

When we say “Bad Sex Experiences” in a relationship, then it’s ultimately related to Orgasm.

When any of the partners don’t get satisfied while making sex then it leads many untold and unwritten aspects of bad relationships. But it’s not only man who is responsible everytime. And we are firm on this statement.

On the other side, a woman might be responsible for her partner’s dissatisfaction. Sometimes due to less participation during sex or Snoring or ego lead to create a bang on the problem for dissatisfied intimacy.

Women usually don’t pay attention to that, but it’s their responsibility as well to participate actively when it comes to making love. Arousal disorder is also one of the problems here.

It’s not “Retrograte Ejaculation” of Men only every time. Women also need to concentrate on their side of the problem. It’s usual practice to blame men for their ‘Inability to Erectile’ and women get frustrated due to that.

But why one never pays attention to women side discrepancies as well? It’s Womens’ responsibility also to keep their man satisfied. Come on ladies, there are proper products in the market to build your stamina and avoid “Premature ejaculation” from the women’s side.

Proper foreplay is one of the most vital part when it comes to lead satisfying sex life.  Choose proper practices and authentic medicines from trustworthy dealers and manufacture.

We never disappoint our loved customers. Develop craziness when it comes to sex and kick laziness. Because Men also face bad sex life due to lack of active participation from their women.

Don’t hesitate to try new things. Our motto is to be happy and full of satisfaction. Proper sex life has direct relation to one’s glow and happiness when in a relationship. You should not make any excuse when it comes to actively participation in love making.


Remember, both parties are equally important and responsible for each others happiness. Read well,  eat well, sleep well and use proper and authentic medicines to build energy. There is nothing to shame and don’t play this blame game ever. is a Trusted Generic & Branded Medicines Online Pharmacy Store internationally. We are a leading pharmaceutical exporter & supplier of international brand name & generic FDA approved medicines, used for Men's & Women's Health, Erectile Dysfunction, Antacid etc. @affordable price & ease of home delivery. Our products are manufactured by WHO-GMP companies which include Pfizer, Lilly, Cipla, Bayer, Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd, Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Ajanta Pharma Ltd, Aurochem Laboratories, Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd, German Remedies Pvt Ltd.

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