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    What is premature ejaculation?  

    When an orgasm happens before or within one minute of intercourse, it is known as premature ejaculation (PE). While there is no set time a male should ejaculate during sex, if you do it too soon and lose your erection, you and your partner could feel rushed and unable to enjoy the moment fully.

    It’s frustrating and embarrassing, but it’s a common problem for men: 30% to 40% suffer from it at some point in their lives. So if this happens only occasionally, don’t worry. You will get several medicines online at Generic Pharma USA to treat such problems. Some of the common medicines are Tadalafil, Vidalista are all available online at the online pharmacy. 

    Types of premature ejaculation 

    Men visit an andrologist most frequently for premature ejaculation. Although physicians and researchers have not yet confirmed the etiology of PE, most studies have identified the presence of four types of the disease.ISSM recently published a new classification proposed by Waldinger in 2007. adopted. In the updated guidelines, the recent sort included two additional PE variants. “Natural variable PE” and “premature ejaculation disorder.”

    Thus, his four types of PE are permanent, acquired, standard variant, and premature ejaculation disorder. Differences between these types are essential, as the epidemiology of individual cases varies in cause and treatment. As the study authors point out, “The presence of four different types of PE suggests different underlying etiologies, and therapeutic approaches for these different types of PE are based on symptoms and expectations.” It suggests that we need to individualize.”

    According to a study conducted at the Department of Andrology and Gynecology, Department of Urology and Surgery, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital – Linkou, Taiwan, biological and psychological factors can cause PE.  

    Biological factors that can cause persistent and acquired PE include hypersensitivity of the glans penis, impairment of central serotonergic neurotransmission, hyperthyroidism, and local irritation by prostatitis.  

    Psychological factors included anxiety, low self-confidence and self-esteem, unpleasant early sexual incidents or sexual abuse, troubled relationships between family members, and difficulty or avoidance in forming or maintaining long-term relationships can cause delayed ejaculation. Men with naturally variable PE experience premature ejaculation occasionally or under certain conditions. 

    Therefore, those problems are more accessible to treat than other PE types. Finally, a man with early ejaculation disorder imagines premature ejaculation or fails to control ejaculation, but in reality, her IELT lasts according to average duration.

    What causes premature ejaculation?

    Biological cause 

    A variety of physiologic causes can cause early ejaculation. This comprises inconsistent hormone levels, abnormal brain chemical levels, and genetic characteristics of a large, infected prostate or urethra.

    Hyposecretion is another issue that might be involved. Worrying about getting and maintaining an erection can create a rush pattern to ejaculation. Changing patterns can be complex. Fear. Premature ejaculation and anxiety often go together. 

    Stress can be related to sexual performance or relationships. This can lead to problems for which premature ejaculation pills are recommended. 

    Psychological Causes of Premature Ejaculation

    Mental or mental health problems may be exercise-related and include:

    • panic
    • Emphasis
    • Hindrance
    • Unrealistic expectations of sexual performance
    • History of sexual repression
    • Lack of trust
    • Relationship problems
    • Dealing with emotional issues can often help.
    • Premature ejaculation treatment

    Premature ejaculation treatment

    The main treatments for PE are psychotherapy, Behavioral therapy, and medication. You can speak with your doctor to determine what is best for you. The employment of many forms of treatment is possible concurrently.

    Psychotherapy works with feelings and emotions that may lead to issues in sexual interactions is done through psychotherapy. This kind of therapy seeks to identify the problem’s root and a workable solution that supports physical education. It also helps couples learn to bond. There are several medicines for premature ejaculation.

    Psychotherapy can help relieve tension about sexual activity. It can also increase sexual confidence and understanding for greater partner satisfaction. This form of therapy may be utilized independently or in conjunction with medical and behavioral treatments.

    Behavior modification 

    Exercise helps behavioral therapy patients develop a tolerance for delaying ejaculation. Your physical fitness outside of physical education is the goal. The squeezing approach and the stop-start method are two examples. Exercise works but may not be a permanent answer. They can be some of the well-known premature ejaculation solutions.

    Compression process 

    This technique involves you or your companion stimulating the penis up until ejaculation. When you are by your side, you or your partner squeeze your penis so hard that the erection partially disappears. 

    Compression methods help to control better and delay the climax itself. Stop-start approach: 

    The penis is stimulated in this technique by you or your partner shortly before ejaculation. You or your lover will halt until the impulse to orgasm passes when you are about to do so. When you regain control, you and your partner will begin stimulating the penis again. If you are wondering how it is possible to last longer in bed then remember that it is indeed possible to do so. A doctor or a counselor can help you with it. 

    This process is repeated three times. The fourth ejaculation has occurred. Practice this technique thrice a week until you feel more in control—medical treatment. In the US, no medications are authorized for treating PE. Nevertheless, various drugs, numbing creams, and sprays can prevent men with PE from ejaculating.


    Doctors have found that both men and women who take antidepressants delay orgasm. Drugs, including fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, clomipramine, and tramadol, affect serotonin levels. Some physicians use these “off-label” drugs (for reasons other than the original drug) to treat PE. 

    PE medications can be taken daily or just before sex. Your doctor will suggest when to take your medicine based on your activity level. When the treatment should be administered is uncertain. Most doctors recommend 2-6 hours before sex. If you stop taking these drugs, PE may recur. Most men with PE must take these medications daily. Spray or cream anesthetic About 20-30 minutes before intercourse, apply an anesthetic cream or spray on the glans.

    Anesthetic cream or spray

    Leaving an anesthetic cream/spray on the penis longer than intended may result in the loss of an erection. Also, do not leave anesthetic cream/mist on the exposed penis during vaginal intercourse, as it can cause vaginal numbness. Wash the cream off the penis 5-10 minutes before sex. A condom might also assist in lessening the feeling.

    After treatment 

    There are several premature ejaculation treatments available. About 95 of her 100 men recover from PE using the techniques listed here. There is no cure, but learning to relax can help.

    Medications for Premature Ejaculation

    Medications for Premature Ejaculation If the drug is eaten or given to the skin, ejaculation might be postponed by several minutes. These treatments are considered when premature ejaculation becomes a significant problem. Both types of drugs have side effects.

    Some men experience an orgasm before or immediately after penetration. Premature ejaculation occurs when this occurs practically all of the time and becomes a concern for males. One treatment option is a medication that can be eaten or administered to the tip of the penis (the glans).  

    Alternatives are creams, gels, or sprays containing local anesthetics. They are utilized to increase the sensitivity of the glans. Drugs can also interact with other medications you are already taking. As a result, before beginning any new medicine, we urge you to see your doctor about all your current medications.