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    Active Ingredient; Finasteride

    Alopecia is one of those illnesses that are not dangerous for your health in general. It does not influence your physical condition, but influences your psychological condition greatly. A man, discovered first signs of alopecia, starts to use different preparations for preventing the loss of hair – from shampoo to medications. Often it does not help, but big sums of money spent on those means.

    With the appearance of Propercia in the market all worries can fade away. Hair restoration now is easy as it never was. All you need is to order Propecia on our online generic pharmaceutical store


    Propecia Finasteride Hair Loss Tablets

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    Propecia Finasteride Hair Loss Tablets

    Active Ingredient: Finasteride

    Propecia, which is generically prescribed as finasteride, is commonly used to treat enlarged prostate and male pattern baldness. Propecia prevents testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone in the body.

    Propecia is not appropriate for everyone. A thorough medical history should be assessed prior to prescribing this medication. Patients with a medical history which includes liver disease may not be able to take Propecia or may require careful monitoring while undergoing drug therapy with Propecia, depending on the condition and the severity of the condition.

    Why Does Hair Loss Start?

    A glut of male hormone called dihydrotestosterone in the organism leads to hair loss. Accumulation of this hormone within the body affects the follicle. As a result, the hair dies and stops to grow.

    Propecia is a reliable medicine for men to treat a hair loss. Special ferments of the drug stop the alopecia and stimulate the growth of new hair.

    Propecia Is Working!

    Propecia contains Finasteride It is an active component that prevents the massive loss of hair and activates its growth right after the first takings.

    Finasteride tablets aimed at reducing the level of dihydrotestosterone in human’s body. This is also used for the treatment of other diseases, that is why you should ask a doctor about possible interactions before taking the medicine.

    Notice! Propecia used for the treatment of androgenic hair loss because other types of alopecia has another nature and require specific treatment.

    Hair restoration with the help of Propecia takes some time. An estimated time of hair growth is 1cm per month. It is recommended to take Propecia not less than 3 months to get great results.

    How Effective Is Propecia?

    Even after you received the desired effect, you should keep taking Propecia to secure the positive results. If your body keeps producing great amount of dihydrotestosterone, a doctor can prescribe to take the preparation regularly. Don’t worry – it is absolutely safe. Producers of the drug foresee the treatment with Propecia on regular basis. The medicine will not have any negative effect on your organism.

    As a rule, Propecia gives very good results. It provides hair restoration on the top of the head and brow, which are problem areas.

    What Are Contraindications For Using Propecia?

    The preparation is safe for male body. Practically there are no restrictions for using Propecia.

    At the same time, there are strict contraindications for using the medicine by women. A woman should never take Propecia. The preparation is not for treatment of hair loss among women. The drug will not help to cure the hair loss, but will cause problems with fertility or with a childbirth if a woman is pregnant.

    Side Effects Of Propecia Finasteride Hair Loss Tablets

    Safety of Propecia proved by numerous medical studies. The percent of people experienced side effects from taking the drug is close to zero. Even if there are some side effects, they are insignificant and not dangerous for the patient. That is why this preparation is so popular and in favor.

    Still we have to warn you about possible side effects. They are:

    • Decrease of sexual desire
    • Reduced amount of sperm
    • Problems with erection

    Is It Possible To Purchase Propecia Online Without Prescription? How Safe Is Buying Propecia Online?

    You can order Propecia online in our pharmacy online store. We guarantee to deliver your original product in a short term. The preparation can be purchased without prescription. Before using the drug read the instruction carefully. If you have noticed just one side effect after taking the drug, please call your doctor.


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