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    • Active Ingredient(Generic Name):Sildenafil Citrate
    • Indication:Erectile Dysfunction
    • Manufacturer:Healing Pharma, India
    • Packaging:10 Tablets in Strip
    • Strength:100mg
    • Delivery Time: 10To 15 days
    • Brand:Silditop

    Silditop 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

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    Buy online Silditop 100 mg pills

    • You need to purchase Silditop 100mg for the treatment of issues popular as ED or erectile dysfunction.
    • Besides, Silditop 100mg treats males who suffer from erectile disorder.
    • Also, this pill is very important because it helps men in regaining their sexual vigora during penetration.
    • Moreover, with this tablet immense blood flows to the genital area.
    • And besides, your penis becomes hard and erect.
    • Therefore, a user must buy Silditop 100mg from a trustworthy retailer.
    • Additionally, this important medication requires safe purchase because it closely affects your sex life and relationship.
    • Hence, get it from Arrowmeds because they sell genuine medicaments.
    • Furthermore, there is no fear of duplicity while buying the product from GenericPharmausa online.
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    • Silditop 100mg is a medicament that helps to cure impotence or ED in males.
    • Besides, this drug with Sildenafil Citrate formula in it makes it an important ED medication for men.
    • Moreover, Silditop 100mg is a generic type of medicine that is efficient in curing ED.
    • However, ED strikes guys because of a number of reasons.
    • Additionally, ED appears as a physical condition among males.
    • Furthermore, this disorder has a particular trait that makes a male unable to raise an erection.
    • Even if the male with ED undergoes a lot of sexual arousals, his penis stays flaccid.
    • Also, the erection is not firm enough for penetration.
    • Moreover, one more peculiarity of ED is that it also causes premature ejaculation.
    • Besides, it brings on a lack of ability to keep up an erection for a satisfying time.
    • ED can start due to a number of reasons that can be psychotic as well as physical.
    • Since ED has both physical & psychological reasons working behind it, however.
    • But, experts have noticed that ninety percent of times ED springs from physical causes.


    • Silditop 100mg treats benign prostatic hyperplasia, pulmonary arterial hypertension, and ED.
    • Also, this drug amplifies blood supply to the genital region of a male.
    • Besides, it lightens up the blood vessels in the penis.
    • As the arteries widen, the profuse blood enters them to feed it.
    • Thus, erection starts with proper sexual arousal.
    • Additionally, the pills of Silditop 100mg with great effectiveness cure pulmonary arterial hypertension.
    • Moreover, this pill relaxes the arteries of the lungs and increases the exercising capacity of its user.
    • Also, Silditop 100mg loosens up the muscles of the bladder and prostate. thus, it makes urination trouble-free.

    The mechanism of action of Silditop 100 mg

    • Sildenafil Citrate is an effective recipe in Silditop 100 mg.
    • Moreover, this chemical acts as a phosphodiesterase type-5-inhibitor.
    • Besides, this efficient substance functions as a vasodilator.
    • Also, Sildenafil lightens up the cells and opens your blood vessels.
    • Additionally, this property of the chemical sends plentiful blood to your phallus.
    • Sildenafil or Silditop 100mg opens the blood vessels present in your penis too.
    • Furthermore, Silditop 100mg makes possible an immense blood supply to the genitals of a male.
    • Also, this mode of working lets the males acquire an erection alongside the physical stimulation.
    • However, with sexual stimulation, you attain erection by eating Silditop 100mg tablets.
    • Moreover, the pill enhances the amount of blood entering your member.
    • Besides, erection comes on due to a series of events.
    • Additionally, this includes messages that your nervous system sends.
    • Moreover, there occurs discharge of chemical messengers inside the muscles of your phallus.
    • Also, Cyclic GMP is a chemical messenger that sees its liberation when a male experiences sexual arousal.
    • Besides, this cyclic GMP lightens and opens the blood vessels inside the member.
    • Thus, it lets enormous blood flow to enter the penis.
    • Consequently, this activity encourages your penis to become stiff and erect

    The way to eat Silditop 100mg

    • A user must ingest the dosage according to the physician’s suggestion.
    • Additionally, Silditop 100mg can be a pill when you intend to have penetrative closeness.
    • Besides, a patient requires using one tablet a day.
    • Moreover, you must take this pill sixty minutes before insertion when you plan sexual activity.
    • Also, maintain a space of 24 hours between doses so that to stay safe from overdosing.
    • Additionally, a patient can consume it with milk or freshwater.
    • Furthermore, the great effects of the pill take too much time to appear.
    • Besides, it happens when you take the tablet with a large fatty diet.
    • Furthermore, the medicament uses up excessive time for absorption in the system.
    • However, the intake of alcoholic drinks does not gel with Silditop 100mg tablets.
    • Therefore, the use of alcohol delays its magical effects or quashes them outright.
    • But, as you eat the medicine, it begins to exhibit effects.
    • However, the effects appear at any time between half an hour to one hour.
    • Moreover, a male needs physical stimulation alongside the pill for the effects to take the course.


    • In the market, Silditop is available in 50/100 mg potencies.
    • However, this medication is the tablet form of the substance Sildenafil.
    • Moreover, you better always stick to the advice of your physician.
    • Besides, the dosage relies on the fitness of a user and your present drug regimen of other medicines.
    • Also, usually, males begin taking the tablet of 50mg strength.
    • However, your GP can increase the dose up to 100mg or minimize it to 25 mg.
    • But, the dose adjustment relies on your response to the pill.

    Alternative Choice here:

    Missed Dose

    • It is top to use the missed pill whenever you recall it.
    • However, in case time for the next pill is approaching, shun eating the skipped pill.
    • Moreover, you should refrain from eating two Silditop 100mg tablets together to avoid overdosing.


    • If you overdose on the tablet of Silditop 100mg, immediately consult your GP.
    • Besides, overdosing can begin many unwanted side effects like headaches, dizziness, upset stomach, etc.

    Side effects

    • It can commence side effects like loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, priapism, and redness of the skin.
    • Besides, diarrhea, color vision issues, dizziness, stomach aches, headaches, nausea, and back pain can begin.
    • Moreover, it triggers rashes, flushing, light sensitivity, vision issues, and stomach upset.


    • You better take caution if you have undergone a heart attack, irregular heartbeat, heart failure, angina, and chest pain. Besides, a user needs are careful with the narrowing of his aortic valve, heart surgery, pulmonary hypertension, and stroke.
    • Moreover, deformed penis shape, hypertension, blood disorders, and hypotension need caution.


    • Interaction with atazanavir, carbamazepine, amlodipine, clarithromycin is possible.
    • More interaction can begin with nitroglycerin, dexamethasone, and ketoconazole.

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