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    • Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Tadalafil
    • Indication:Erectile Dysfunction
    • Manufacturer:Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
    • Strength:5mg
    • Packaging:10 Tablets in Strip
    • Delivery Time: 10 To 15 days
    • Brand: Vidalista

    Vidalista 5mg (Tadalafil)

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    About of Vidalista 5mg

    • Vidalista 5 mg is a medicine allowing the hardening powers of the penis to restore.
    • Using the medicines one will be able to erect hard their penis only after the effects of generic Tadalafil that are the main contents of the medicine to stay in action.
    • This is one way of temporarily hardening the penis and allowing the penetration of the vagina easily with desired penile hardness.

    What is Vidalista 5mg?

    • An oral drug for curing erectile hardness this brand of ED pills will have to be swallowed down your mouth. Having the medicines is strictly under the approval of a doctor.
    • Ensure to use the pills only after gaining confirmation from the doctor.
    • You need to find out the use of the exact use of this brand of generic Tadalafil-containing pills in terms of frequency and which dosage to use.

    How to use Vidalista 5mg?

    • Using Vidalista 5mg one must adhere to the precautions as given in the doctor’s prescription.
    • One must understand that the type of dose and the frequency in which you need to take it will vary based on a couple of internal factors.
    • Using the dose of Vidalista 5mg to find penile hardness can be used daily as this is the smallest dose under this band name. You can also use Vidalista 20 and Tadalista 20 for treat erectile dysfunction.

    How dose Vidalista 5mg works?

    • Generic Tadalafil which is the chief generic ingredient for inciting the hardening powers of the penis is in itself a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor.
    • Thus, as the levels of the PDE-5 hormones begin to dwindle the levels of yet another hormone that is cGMP hormone begin to rise.
    • Rising the levels of cGMP hormone beyond a certain cut-off level can trigger penile hardness by invoking the vasodilation power of nitric oxide.
    • This is how the pills begin to show their actions on the penis. By flowing more blood and allowing the penis tissues to become filled up will allow the penis tissues to become more temptation to touches and incitations.
    • Doing this causes your penile to grow hard.

    Vidalista 5mg Dosage

    • The Vidalista 5mg dose is small and recommended for patients suffering from a feeble or mild ED instance.
    • You will have to use the pills only when the doctor advises you to do so.
    • This is also an ideal dose for those of you who are the first time the use a generic Tadalafil brand.
    • Starting with a smaller dose such as Vidalista 5mg will allow your body to adjust to the doses gradually.

    How to take Vidalista 5mg?

    • Oral intake by mouth and swallowing down a pill whole down your throat is the only possible way that you can have the pills.
    • Whether to take it after having a meal or on an empty stomach is for the patients to decide and there are no strict obligations to follow.
    • But one thing that is not allowable is the intake of either alcohol or grape juice.
    • Having either one of them right before or after having the pills is subject to triggering huge side effects that can be quite concerning.


    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Nausea
    • Stomach pain
    • Itching
    • Rashes
    • Tremors
    • Palpitations
    • Lower libido
    • Chest pain
    • Fall in blood pressure
    • Priapism


    • Any non-adherence to the general precautions or any other exclusive precautions for a patient there is a clear warning sign given to the patients.


    • General precautions to have while taking in Generic Tadalafil Vidalista 5mg is to avoid overdose, missing out on a dose, changing the brand, taking in contraindicating substances, among others.
    • Having some pre-existing disorders or your addictive tendencies to alcohol and narcotic drugs might also prevent you to a dose of Vidalista 5mg.

    Is Vidalista 5mg safe?

    • Of course, it’s safe as Generic Tadalafil is a recommended substance allowing intake with water from the doctors.
    • If you have any pre-existing disorders or if you are highly allergic to generic Tadalafil then the doctor will generally advise you not to take this drug at all and look for alternative medicines.
    • Other ED medication: ToptadaTadacip

    Does Vidalista 5mg make you bigger?

    • No, it’s not a penis size influencing type of medication. This is only helpful to give you penile hardness but that too when Tadalafil is active and you manually tempt the penis.

    Does Vidalista 5mg keep you hard after coming?

    • No, it’s not a male performance-enhancing type of pill so this will not allow you to stay hard after coming.


    Is Vidalista 5mg too much?

    No, Vidalista 5mg is only the second smallest dose which comes right after the Vidalista 2.5 mg.
    The 5 mg pill for Vidalista is generally safe for intake and there is a minimum risk of suffering from excessively severe side effects provided you are not allergic to it and also have confirmation from the doctor to back you.

    When the drug should not be used?

    Avoid using the drug under specific circumstances especially if you are suffering from some pre-existing diseases.
    These include severe cardiac disorders, liver and kidney disorders, type-2 diabetes, severe nerve diseases.
    Someone who is having excessive addictive effects to alcohol or narcotic pills is also on this list.
    Generally, the doctor will suggest you on having the dose or bar you from intake of generic Vidalista brand completely.

    Where can I buy Vidalista 5mg Online?

    There are loads of online sellers available. To buy from any one of them your first thing will be to check out the authenticity of the portal itself.
    Within these will come factors like the safety of sharing information, payment security, online refund and cancelation rules, and all other stuff. You can buy Vidalista online at Genericvilla Pharmacy.

    Can I take Vidalista 5mg daily?

    With a light dose like the Vidalista 5mg that contains only 5 mg of Generic Tadalafil, it is safe for you to take the doses daily.
    But to avoid suffering from any undue side effects we recommend getting a confirmation from the doctor.
    A daily intake method for Vidalista 5mg means that the minimum time gap between two successive pills has to be a minimum of 24 hours.

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