Why Are Men Suffering From Kidney Stones These Days?

What Are The Causes Of Kidney Stones

The formation of stones in different organs has become a very common problem these days. In most cases, it is gall bladder stones or kidney stones. Such problems are becoming even more common among those who are below 30 years. 

In this article, we will be listing various reasons as to why the problem of kidney stones has become so common these days. In fact, such conditions lead to various problems for which you might have to take pills such as Cenforce or Tadalafil

What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are formed inside the kidney. These are deposits of salt and minerals formed over time. The stones usually deposit in the kidney or glomeruli which are the filtering units. The high amount of urea, being overweight, medicines, supplements, and other medications can cause kidney stones. These can affect the kidney as well as the bladder. 

Passing kidney stones can be painful. In major cases having some medicines and drinking loads of water helps to get rid of kidney stones. It might be a rare case when a stone might be present in the urinary tract due to which an infection can happen. 

Common Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Here are some common symptoms of kidney stones. These are:

1. If someone has urgent urination frequently that might be a sign of a kidney stone. 

2. If the urine is darker yellowish in color.

3. Feeling nauseous and gastric. 

4. Feeling bloated and frequent indigestion.

5. Pain in the lower abdominal region

What are the reasons for kidney stones or other kidney disorders?

Kidney stones can happen due to a number of reasons. For instance, drinking less water often causes kidney troubles. Also, if someone gains a lot of weight over a short period of time that can lead to kidney problems leading to other health complications as well. 

Some other common causes of the kidney could be type 2 diabetes which indirectly harms the kidney and can even result in total dysfunctioning of the kidney. Severe diarrhea, gout and 

intake of too much protein can also cause kidney troubles. 

Lack of Hydration

One of the main reasons for kidney problems is a lack of hydration. Not having enough water causes kidney stones. Medications along with having enough water can help treat such problems. That is how kidney stone removal is possible. 


People who gain weight have greater chances of kidney stones in comparison to others. Stones can develop in any organ be it the kidney or gall bladder. High cholesterol and excess fat are common among those who are overweight. As a result, it can cause stones in various organs of the body like the kidneys and gall bladder. 

Due to these underlying diseases, you might even have erectile dysfunction. And to treat this you may have to take pills like cenforce, vidalista, and tadalafil. These generic medicines are very effective in treating erectile dysfunction and are available in online portals like Generic Pharma USA


Diabetes is a common disorder these days. It can speed up the process of stone formation in the kidneys and gall bladder. Because of diabetes, you can end up having kidney problems. Kidney stones are formed due to high calcium content or even due to urea. The presence of a kidney reduces the filtration capacity of the kidney. This is really bad for your health as it can cause your kidney to be completely non-functional.

Fat Rich Diet

Those who end up having fat-rich diets can develop cholesterol over time. This can with time cause gall bladder stones. As we mentioned the presence of fats and cholesterol in your body is the main reason you end up with such problems. You need to change your diet if you have got to reduce the health risks involved. For example, the reduction of fats, and cholesterol helps burn calories to a great extent. Regular exercise and yoga can also help one get rid of extra calories. 


Certain medicines such as anti-inflammatory drugs have steroids that can cause kidney or gall bladder stones. In case you are taking such medicines make sure you are in touch with your doctor regarding the intake of fats and cholesterol. 


As we discussed here there are different causes of kidney stones in men. Though some reasons are obviously many people are not aware of the fact that kidney stones can occur due to side effects of medications.

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