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    • Active Ingredient(Generic Name):Udenafil
    • Indication:Erectile Dysfucntion
    • Manufacturer:Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
    • Packaging:4 Tablets in strip
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    Zudena (Udenafil)

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    Buy Zudena 100 mg Online?

    Zudena is a revolutionary product that treats Erectile Dysfunction in a man. It is one of the newest drugs available in the market, which treats sexual deformities in men. This drug combines all the advantages of a PDE5 inhibitor and uses to treat sexual disorders in men.

    Zudena is not a generic version of any of the already present drugs in the market as it contains a new active ingredient “Udenafil”.

    The ingredient design of Zudena especially counters the effects of Erectile Dysfunction in a man without having side effects like in other drugs available on the market. This ingredient is an improved formula of Sildenafil Citrate without having as many side effects to it.

    What is Zudena?

    Zudena containing the active ingredient Udenafil is an oral drug, which treats the condition of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men. This drug takes 30 minutes to be effective before getting involved in sexual activity with your partner, 30 minutes being the onset time of the drug.

    This drug gives the penile hardness to the penis of a man that he is looking forward to achieving nice sexual intercourse. Zudena is a new addition to the group of drugs that handles sexual deformity in men and is a valuable addition to oral drugs.

    Its addition, this drug is an important addition to the group of drugs as many people have reviewed to use of this drug with amazing results. Zudena counters both therapies, which are necessary to cure Erectile Dysfunction in men i.e. the benefits of Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis both.

    The active ingredient present in Zudena, Udenafil was designed by Korean Pharmaceuticals and has flowing benefits. Below is the list of advantages in comparison to the present ED Drugs available in the market:

    1. It has a shorter onset time in comparison to Cialis
    2. Longer than Generic Viagra, Levitra, and Generic Stendra which are high-quality ED drugs available in the market
    3. It has high tolerance in comparison to Cialis
    4. The side effects faced by Zudena are milder in comparison to the other counter drugs

    How does Zudena 100 mg Work?

    Zudena contains an active ingredient known as Udenafil, which is a chemical, developed by a Korean Pharmaceutical company to cure the condition of Erectile Dysfunction in men. It belongs to the group of PDE5 inhibitor drugs, which are used in drugs such as Viagra. The difference between the two is the onset time of the drug and the duration for which it lasts in the system of a man. These characteristics make Udenafil a unique ingredient in the drug Zudena.

    How to take Zudena 100 mg?

    For an adult, the usual dosage of this medicine is Zudena 100 mg per day, which is taken 30 minutes before getting involved in the sexual act with the partner. One pill per day is the maximum recommended dosage of this medicine and if increased to 100mg, the side effects reflected by this drug increase considerably. This drug does not require a man to take a meal and can be taken independently of the meal, which makes it even more effective.

    What are the Uses of Zudena?

    Zudena is an oral drug used by men to cure the condition of Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of a man to maintain his erection during the time of intercourse. There are many physiological causes of Erectile Dysfunction, which include things like anxiety, shyness, fear, guilt, etc., and in such cases, it is important to counter these physiological causes separately by consulting a doctor for the same.

    It is a common mistake to believe that it is all in the head as in some cases the reason can be physical in nature, which includes having heart disease or diabetes. Smoking is also one of the causes of Erectile Dysfunction in a man and in some cases is a post effect of depression in men.

    There are also some medications that can interfere with the erection mechanism of a man and hence should have a different solution to it. Erectile Dysfunction as a problem has multiple solutions to it and multiple drugs, which a doctor prescribes depends on the severity of the condition.

    What is the Dosage of Zudena?

    The drug Zudena comes with an initial prescription of 100mg dosage. The maximum dosage per day of this medicine is one pill and should not have more than one pill per day. Increasing the dosage of this medicine comes with a bunch of side effects.

    Despite being safe, it is necessary to take this drug carefully under the supervision of the doctor. Breaking such rules comes with a set of side effects. Given below is the usage scheme of Zudena:

    1. Zudena should be taken an hour before getting involved in sexual intercourse.
    2. Taking this medicine on an empty stomach accelerates the onset time of this drug and makes it more effective.
    3. The daily dosage of Zudena is 100mg per day and is not be increased without the permission of the doctor.

    Zudena is an everyday drug and does not have a history of accumulating the human body. Therefore, this drug is safe to use every day without having to worry about the accumulation or addiction as such.


    1. Zudena shows interaction with patients who show hypersensitivity towards NSAIDs.
    2. Interaction with drugs containing nitric oxide or nitrate
    3. Interacts with patients who cannot involve in sexual intercourse because of their cardiovascular disease.
    4. Patients with a history of coronary artery bypass or stroke.
    5. Patients who show hypotension or hypertension
    6. Who show renal failure
    7. Patients who take other Erectile Dysfunction drugs
    8. Patients who are aged below 18.


    There are men who buy Zudena online and find no hesitation in using it without consulting a doctor. However, patients should take precautions before using this drug on a daily basis. They are listed below:

    1. Men who face diseases related to heart should not use this drug like Zudena has a tendency to make their situation even worst.
    2. Having a trauma in the penis of a man is another reason for not using this medicine.
    3. Man being allergic to PDE5 Inhibitors should stay away from Zudena as it is what the drug is made of. The allergy from the PDE5 inhibitor can be known by taking the drug in a small dose and then taking it in the usual amount once there are no allergies.

    Side Effects:

    There are a few side effects that are faced by patients who taken Zudena as a drug to cure Erectile Dysfunction. These side effects increase by increasing the dosage of the drugs. Given below is the list of side effects that the patients face by this medicine:

    1. Severe Headache
    2. Flushing of the face
    3. Discomfort in the chest of a person
    4. Loss of hearing
    5. Nasal Congestion
    6. Difficulty in digesting food.
    7. Chest pain
    8. Discomfort in the stomach
    9. Pain in the abdominal
    10. Dizziness
    11. Fatigue
    12. Loss of Vision
    13. Blurry Vision
    14. Facial Edema
    15. Nausea
    16. Toothache
    17. Constipation
    18. Gastric
    19. Abnormal urination
    20. Difficulty in breathing
    21. Thirsty
    22. Heart Palpitation
    23. Numbness
    24. Diarrhea
    25. Coughing
    26. Having an increased erection
    27. Hypotension

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